Community Services in Moose Pass

The people of Moose Pass are proud of our community and the sense of family that makes Moose Pass such a wonderful place to live and visit! From our school to our churches, from our library to our post office, we are here to support visitors and residents alike. Our Solstice Festival is held each June when we celebrate the longest day of the year with food, arts and crafts and local music. Check out our Winter Rendezvous too! The annual Valentine’s Day Weekend Festival. Events include a romantic couple’s dinner, live music, kids events, and a ski and snowmachine races.

Our Neighbor to the South, Seward

Seward, 30 miles south of Moose Pass along the Scenic Seward Highway, is a quaint town of shops and restaurants. Seward’s Boat Harbor will launch you on spectacular tours of the wildlife of Resurrection Bay, and the charter operators will help you catch the fish of your dreams! Seward is home to the Alaska Sea Life Center, a world-class research and education lab for arctic marine studies. Seward is also home to Exit Glacier and Kenai Fjords National Park.

Our Neighbor to the West, Cooper Landing

Nearby Cooper Landing is at the confluence of Kenai Lake and Kenai River. The town was first settled in the 19th century by gold and mineral prospectors, and is now a popular location for fishing and camping activities.

Between Here and Anchorage

The Seward Highway stretches from Anchorage to Seward and is one of the most beautiful scenic highways in the world. See wildlife of every type from Beluga whales to Bald Eagles, moose to marmots. Take a side trip down the road to Hope, Alaska, or stop in at the visitor’s center near Portage Glacier. Enjoy a trip to Whittier, driving through the longest vehicle-train tunnel in North America.